Jumping Ship!

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Travels - 2006

Last May, I, in my just recovered from a diseased tooth state of mind decided it would be cool for me to travel alone. In accordance to my plans of global 'been-there' dominion, I decided I'll start with peninsular Malaysia.

I had planned to go to Penang, then south to Johor Bahru and then to the east coast. All this I intended by train. Alas, due to constraints of finance and of time, and with also due to my own pure, refined and amplified laziness brought forth by physical and mental exhaustion, I limit the journey to Johor Bahru

Here, attached are pictures taken during this bout of wanderlust preceded with scans (thanks to the lovely pinkpurplecloud for scanning) of my travel journal.

(some information about Weld)

That concludes the journal scans. Click for larger size. Sorry for the handwriting, thats what you get writing on the move.

And now... for something completely different.

The train I rode on

The support train.

Early morning in Butterworth.

Georgetown's firestation.


This place stunk to high heavens.

These seats go both ways.

Arabic letter 'Jim' and 'Ba', the city's initials.


Dining with danger

The bus I rode home...

(I'll annotate some of these pictures later...)